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Thank you to everyone who believes in us and our products!

Our goal of becoming a company that people trust and look forward doing business with is coming true. We are so excited to continue this growth and supply you with our truly amazing product line. Thank you again for your support and we hope our website answers any questions you may have, but if not please feel free to give us a call. (541-968-2164) We are here to help.

As you will learn, all of our
products are developed using human grade certified organic ingredients that are Safe, Natural and Effective for your Pet(s)and your Whole Family. One main fact that we like to point out about the products we develop is that they are safe for 4 weeks and older including pregnant females. This is very important to us, since we are striving to become the Safest, Most Natural and Effective product line on the market.

Since the beginning of Mad About Organics, we have been listening to all of our customers', retailers', and distributors' feedback to help us improve all aspects of our company and products.

(From Left to Right: Bella (Filly),Sue (Co-Owner), Ben (Co-Owner),Elana (Co-Owner), Max (Puppy), Hannah (Amazing Mini Schnauzer), Sammy (Kitty) and the inspiration to why we started our company Christy (Sue's Prized Mare)

When it comes to your pet(s), we want to help ensure they are receiving only the best care available. Much like yourself, we are complete animal lovers. Mad About Organics was started out of passion and dedication for our own animals. We have dedicated the last few years of our lives to develop products that not only improve animals' lives but yours and ours as well.

There are many products that make it to the retailers' shelves that really shouldn't. We need your help by choosing Mad About Organics products to reverse this issue.

It all comes down to you, our customer, to do the Right Thing!

Please do the right thing and choose our products that do not contain any harmful chemicals that could cause your animal, or you, pain or discomfort.

Mad About Organics strives to eliminate all uncertainty when it comes to your pet care. With premium holistic pet supplies made in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, the guessing game is over.

All of Mad About Organics' products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients which are certified organic and completely natural. With our organic, holistic pet supplies you will never find any parabens, artificial fragrances or dyes, animal ingredients, by-products or any other chemicals that may be detrimental to your animalís health.

With extensive research and our sheer passion for safe, eco-friendly pet care, Mad About Organics has finally developed green alternatives for you and your pet(s). So go ahead, throw out those plastic gloves. Our products are safe for you, your pets and the environment!

We hope we can educate you and that your shopping experience is smooth and easy.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any suggestions for improving our website please let us know. We are working hard to make this site informative and easy to navigate.

Have a great day and remember to tell all of your family & friends about Mad About Organics.

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