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Also, check out our Plaque Remover Dental/Digestion Food Additive. It's our top selling product and for good reason. This one of a kind product not only helps improve your pets oral hygiene, but also improves the digestion track, boosts their immune system and works as a natural flea defense all for under $22.

Plaque Remover

Thank you again to all of you that have helped us to continue to grow over the years. 2016 is turning into our best year yet for Mad About Organics. We doubled our production equipment to help keep up with demand, re-formulated many products to continue to be the best, added many new retailers throughout the USA, and we are getting ready to launch a few more amazing products into the market very shortly.

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Company introduction:

Welcome to the home of Mad About Organics, a family owned and operated company based in Eugene Oregon. Mad About Organics started out of passion for our own animals and creating safe organic products that are not only safe for them, but us as well. Our journey began when Sue (Co-Owner) decided to breed her prized mare over 6 years ago. Sue and her daughter Elana (Co-Owner) joined their combined scientific background and started developing some of the most safest, natural, and effective organic products in the pet industry to date.

It has always been our goal to develop organic products that help solve many kinds of issues that we, as pet owners, deal with on a regular basis. Creating an organic flea and tick shampoo was high on our list living in the Willamette Valley, where fleas and ticks are a big issue. Mad About Organics has created an amazing flea and tick shampoo for
mulated for dogs and a specific flea and tick shampoo formulated for cats. These shampoos are proving to be the best performing flea and tick shampoos on the market. All of our shampoo's offer exceptional skin and coat conditioning, counteracting itchy, irritated skin, and are a great value since they can be diluted up to 20-1.

Along with our Flea and Tick shampoos, we have developed our one of a kind Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoos for dogs and for cats and small animals. These shampoos are becoming our top sellers. Customers continue to inform us, that even after one to two bathing's, that it is the best shampoo they have ever used. This is truly music to our ears! To know that our Oatmeal shampoo is helping so many animals with their skin and coat issues, means the world to us. Comments like these fuel us to keep doing what we set out to do. So please, keep them coming.

Testimonial: "We have a 2.5 year old Border collie/German Shephard mix, Diesel. Your flea and tick shampoo is the only product that doesn't make our dog breakout. Every time we wo
uld use a commercial flea and tick shampoo he would break out in little red bumps and scratch like crazy. I found your products at a small beach town on the coast and gave it a try. We were highly impressed.It was the first time we had given him a bath and he didn't break out. We also use your oatmeal anti itch shampoo for his dry skin which works wonders. We recently started using your skin relief healing treatment and notice a big difference when we put it on him. Thank you so much for your products."
Jessica Kelley

The past few years has been very good to us. We had a good growth spurt with developing and introducing new products to the Mad About Organics line. As many of you know, we introduced our Healing Herbal Salve, Healing Hotspot Herbal Spray, Healing Liniment, ou
r new size of our already great performing Healing Ear Cleaner, and our Advanced Oral Care, consisting of our Herbal Gel Oral Treatment, Liquid Plaque and Tarter Remover Water Treatment, and our amazing Plaque Remover Dental/Digestive food additive.

The Liquid Plaque and Tarter Remover Water Treatment, has become our number one selling product this year and for good reason. It is easy to use, low maintenance, the pets prefer it over the competition, and it works. Can't go wrong with that! We do recommend combining this product with the oral herbal gel and/or the plaque remover dental/digestion food additive for the best results. These products have changed our pet's lives for the better and we know they will do the same for yours.

All of us at Mad
About Organics, feel treating others like we want to be treated is the right thing to do. This isvery important to us and hopefully sets our company apart from most others. We are focused on our customer's needs and we are proud that we have not risen our prices since day one. Even though our ingredients have went up throughout the years, we find with our growth. This allows us to buy our raw materials in bulk, which helps us keep our prices where they are. With your help we can continue to do just that. We want everyone to be able to afford to care for their animals responsibly.


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