Organic Skin-Itch Relief Herbal Treatment Formulated for Cats and Small Animals
Organic Skin-Itch Relief Healing Treatment Formulated for Cats and Small Animals

Organic Skin-Itch Relief Herbal Treatment Formulated for Cats and Small Animals

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"Miracle in a bottle" is a way many customers have best described this product!

It has been observed that itchy skin, paw chewing, constant licking and allergies in cats have become more common than ever before. Like us, animals get bitten, stung, have allergic reactions to insects or many other irritants, or even get sunburned. Excessive licking, chewing and scratching can lead to many unwanted scenarios. Our organic skin-itch relief herbal treatment aids in many of these situations including hot spots.

Hot spots are a result of a skin condition officially called pyotraumatic dermatitis. It is a bacterial infection that develops and rapidly spreads in the skin. Hot spots will be warm to the touch, and painfully itchy for a pet. Hot spots emit pus and smell badly. Hair loss from around the infected area is common. Because cat hot spots are so painful and irritating many pets will bite and scratch the area causing the infection to spread.

Hot spots are most common in animals with thick coats however, hot spots can occur in any breed. A common cause for hot spots is moisture getting caught next to the animal's skin, making an ideal spot for an infection to start. Moisture can become trapped by matted fur, a collar, or simply thick fur. Many times chronic animal hot spots stem from an allergic condition, though some cats are simply more prone to hot spots than others.

It is best to treat hot spots quickly to prevent further spreading of the infection, and for the relief of your pet. Also, some animals will scratch at a hot spot to the point of breaking the skin. This makes the condition even more painful, and provides the opportunity for a more serious infection to occur.

Our Skin-Itch Relief Herbal Treatment soothes the area so the healing process can begin, and relieves many irritations on contact. With just a few drops on the irritated area, this concentrated blend of organic oils starts to work on contact.

Mad About Organics' organic skin-itch relief herbal treatment formulated for cats and small animals is made in the USA - based in Eugene, Oregon and packaged in a recyclable plastic bottle.

5 Stars
This is my secret weapon for my French bulldog!
For a long time I kept struggling with my French bulldog having problems getting yeast build ups and hives from allergies in his paws. He eats completely raw food and yet he’s very sensitive so we deal with this problem on occasion. The last time I talk to a rep from this company they informed me of the skin and itch product they have, I was pretty much at the point of desperate as I have tried everything so I gave this a try as I had already used one of their other products which was one of my favorite products to use for my dogs. This product absolutely worked on my French bulldogs paws anytime he started getting yeast the antibacterial completely cleared it up, plus my French bulldog honestly thought he was getting a paw massage because I would take the oil put it between his little toes and on the bottom side of his paw and I would begin massaging oil into each foot and he would sit there and look so happy, LOL. I always see really good results anywhere between two and four days to see major results of my dog not chewing his paws. I honestly think the thing I really love about these products is a lot of them have very similar oils and some cross overlap and help with other things for example the skin and itch also has things that help her with bug bites or fleas. One time I forgot my bug spray when I was camping but I did have Casper's Skin and Itch Oil because I knew he would be running in and out of the water at the lake and it would probably cause water and moisture and bacteria to grow under his paws and for them to get itchy, long story short I was able to rub the skin and itch oil on my ankles and I didn’t get any bug bites and I didn’t smell like bug spray chemicals which was a plus.
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Reviewed by:  from Portland . on 12/19/2019

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