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Organic Oral Care Food Additive
Organic Oral Care Food Additive

Organic Oral Care Food Additive

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Removes Plaque and Tartar, Improves Breath and Digestion, Helps Boost Immune System
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Understanding that many pet owners do not have the time to brush their pet's teeth everyday is one of the main reasons we developed Mad About Organics' Oral Care Food Additive for dogs and cats. It is an easy way for pet owners to care for their pet’s teeth and oral health who don’t have the patience or inclination to brush their dog or cat’s teeth regularly. The product comes in a powdered form and it is simply added on a daily basis to dry or wet food. Dogs and cats like the taste of the small amount that is added.

Mad About Organics' Oral Care Food Additive does not rely on topical application or friction. The product is ingested and works systemically. This has turned into our number one selling products and for good reason, It WORKS!

The natural compound in the product comes out through the saliva and works to break down the bacterial bio-film that forms on the teeth and gums. This is how the natural bacteria in the mouth take hold onto the teeth and gums, colonizing and creating the oral problems of plaque and tartar, bad breathe and gingivitis. It does not change the pH of the mouth or kill off the normal levels of bacteria.

Garlic has been an ingredient that has brought up many questions from concerned pet parents. We would like to educate you on the benefits of our organic dried garlic powder and hope this relieves some of your concerns. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and won't effect the good bacteria in the gut which are needed for digestion and immune health. It is also anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and also helps boost the immune system. Staying away from high  levels garlic oil or garlic powder has been proven to be beneficial without any side effects. Garlic powder helps detoxify and helps to balance the digestion system. 

This formula has also been proven to reduce plaque and tartar on the teeth and gums, depending on composition, diet and how long it has been there. It then works to prevent bad breath, plaque and tartar from returning. Patients generally begin to see results over a 2-8 week period, and will see further benefits with continued use.

Healthy teeth and gums are very important for your pets. With the use of our
Oral Care Food Additive, you will save an expensive trip to the vet and possibly your pet's life!

Don't just take our word for it. Read about what others are experiencing with Mad About Organics' Oral Care Food Additive.

"It's me, Janet Newcombe, manager of Celebrity Pets Holistic Care in White City. I'm writing to you this fine Saturday morning because I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! I have a 6 1/2 year old Sheltie Collie that has never been to the veterinarian for a dental. Anybody that knows anything about Shelties knows that they, like Poodles, are notorious for "soft" teeth. I worked for a vet that is WELL KNOWN in the tri-state area; and saw the trauma a dog goes through when getting a routine dental. That is what has kept me from having his teeth cleaned. WELL LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I SAW THIS MORNING! I have been diligent for approximately 2 weeks, adding the granules to his food in the a.m. & p.m. His canines look POLISHED & this "effect" continues throughout his ENTIRE MOUTH! I can't believe the difference that 2 WEEKS made! 2 WEEKS! We, at Celebrity Pets carry your whole line of products and are proud to do so. But this is the CRAZIEST thing I have EVER WITNESSED! I WAS COMPELLED TO WRITE AND LET YOU KNOW IMMEDIATELY. So THANK YOU M.A.O. You guys are THE BEST!"

"This is from Stanley and Ollie Monaghan and their happy mom, Hannah. As shelties, we are prone to plaque and gum disease which makes it harder for our organs to stay healthy. Mom is mad about your products and after grilling Ben tried the skin relief first. We grew hair overnight and the rest was history. Today, after only a few weeks of gnoshing on carrots laced with the tasty gel, I, Stanley am plaque free on one of my molars. Mommy just peeled it off with her fingers. Ollie, my big brother and personal body guard is not far behind, but is taking longer because he gulps his food so he can try to eat mine. We are so happy Mom found you guys. Stick around."

"Caution: Not recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism"

We have also personally noticed that since adding this powder mix to our pets diet once a day, they have stopped getting fleas. The non-active brewers yeast and small amount of garlic is what is contributing to these results, which has become a dream come true for us and all of our animals. With these ingredients added into their food on a daily basis, it builds up in their system and helps keep the biting insects from wanting to feed on them. Even though we originally did not design this product specifically for this, it has been a wonderful bonus. We know this is not always the total solution in everyone's situation, but has made a huge difference in our pets lives and we hope yours as well.

For your pet(s) total dental protection and health, we also recommend the use of Mad About Organics' Oral Care Herbal Gel and our Oral Care Water Treatment which is simply added to their water dish each time you refill.

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